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Blabbering of a Fool

Can’t think of any…

My blog is kinda dormant right now…dunno wat to write here too…

Anyway, got my posting, but no one (not even myself) knows wat vocation is that…hah…

Great move by MapleStory btw, adding the new Zipangu map and all the Japanese stuff and all…really attracts J-fans to play it, I think (well, it worked for me)…now that’s one more reason for me to play a Korean game. (I ain’t a fan of Korea)

And my Creative Zen Vision:W is really worth the money man…dunno how many anime and MM videos have I watched with it while on the move…

And speaking of gadgets and techno stuff, PlayStation 3 is officially out! Not in Singapore though…and I wun be getting my hands on one through import, nor right after release in Singapore…for your info, the prices I saw for imports now:
20GB –>$1350
60GB –>$1550
Madness, ya? Well, that’s wat I saw…perhaps I saw wrongly…? But seriously, I’m not so mad to get one right now…

Btw, Fate/Stay Night animation is nice…didn’t really thought so at first…
Archer’s the best.


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