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Watched DEATH NOTE yesterday…gotta be the greatest thriller I have ever watched…really enjoyed 100% of the movie (note: for the manga readers, please do not compare the plot of this movie to that of the manga, it is totally different ‘parallel’ universe…if not, you wun enjoy the movie at all)…but a case of bad luck, watching it with a fucked-up audience…

There was this group of fucked-up ah-lians sitting behind me…kept talking and commenting about the movie…then the one sitting right behind complained that I was blocking her view. I didn’t budge. Felt something at the back of my head (popcorn thrown at me). Tried to place her feet on the back of my seat. I still didn’t budge. Nothing happen after that.

Plain childish. Singapore youths…degenerating…stereotyping? Maybe…but still, too many happenings and incidents to prove them so.

About the movie, I dun understand wat’s so funny. So many people are laughing at so many parts of the movie. There is only ONE funny scene, and that is when Ryuk was told that he wasn’t able to eat any apples. Guess people dun try to understand the movie…i know, I had a friend who commented before that watching a movie is for entertainment, and that you shouldn’t waste money trying to rack your brains out. True…but not all movies.

Guess people just like to look at things superfically.

Nothing much now…just that I edited my blogskin again…I support KIRA more than L.


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