Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Back in Singapore…

I’m back…actually touched down yesterday…the flight back…well, thinking back, I always the window seat on every flight, except for one. The trip back however, was kinda different. This time, when I looked out of the window, my mind starts to think about how the plane performs in the air, eg. the flaps (how the 747-400 flaps works differently from the those of a conventional plane), the slipstream on the wings (yup, that’s not the wings spraying things out, that’s moving air, FAST-MOVING air…I think) etc…how airgrading has changed my outlook on aviation……woot!

Well, after this trip, really can see how ill-mannered MOST Singaporeans are…nvm…used to it liao…sad though…

Not much to post now…on leave till Tues (3 days only?!)…think use the time to understand more about teaching…and I’ll have time to watch Death Note…alone…as usual…how I wish my AGC friends are with me now…or vice versa…



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