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1st entry in Tamworth!

Hey…blogging from Tamworth…haha…anyway, since internet connection isn’t available in the comfort of our rooms, i started to write a diary…

10th October 2006, Tamworth, Australia
It is my second trip overseas that require a plane (?!), and it actually isn’t as pleasant as I thought it would be. SIA flight was good, just that it was kinda stuffy/hot in the plane…but the Qantas transit flight was like ‘WTF?!’. There was turbulence (as what I heard…from my friends…) and I believe I’d got the early symptoms of airsickness. Anyway, still got here in Tamworth in one piece.
The weather here is super strange, not forgetting freaking dry too. It’s cold, yet very scorching sunny. The accommodation is pretty slick, having your own bathroom, wardrobe (NOT cabinet) in your pretty decent room. The food is…how to say…good? Like buffet style, and you can have ice-cream anytime you want within dining hours.
I seriously dunno why I signed on liao. Haha,,,I’m seriously interested in teaching. Teaching…English…in Japan…nice, my dream.
Before I forget, today at the Sydney airport we met one WHOLE group of Japanese students! What luck! The students over there seriously have some fashion sense, and yup, there were some girls that look ‘KAWAII!!!’ But they seem to be only 14~15 years old, not my preferred age group. Two girls even approached my friend and asked where we are from, and when my friends start to tease me into mingling with them, I just ran away smiling.
I need to do something about this, seriously.

11th October 2006, Tamworth, Australia
Second day in Tamworth, it was freaking cold last night. I didn’t even need to turn on the air-con. Today was the first day I donned (dunno correct spelling or not) my flight suit in here, and while it was hot to wear it in Singapore, it was just right to wear it here.
Lessons were…alright, just found it hard to stay awake…haha…maybe it’s jetlag or something. Anyway, already a little homesick now, but heck it, it’s normal ya? Gotta get use to it man, or else next time when I’m enjoying myself in Japan, that would really spoil my holiday mood, ya?
Anyway, nothing much to report today…rather boring day, back to my studies…after watching Disc 2 of Silent Hill. =P

14th October 2006, Tamworth, Australia
First weekend in Australia today. First shopping experience in Australia too. Tamworth…rather small town…but still, shopping is still pretty interesting. Saw a lot of stuff that Singapore doesn’t have…had an impulse to buy everything…but my self-restraint is good…in the end only spent ~$50…nice…saving the money for next weekend…gonna get myself a PS2 game…or 2…
A lot of interesting shops to window-shop. Adult magazines are sold openly here…meaning it can be browsed through in the shop. Also, we entered an adult novelty, movie, and book shop…and it was really a sight…scary…haha…and there my friend was, trying to figure out how to bring one copy into Singapore…haha…
Anyway, stop here I guess…will update again after my second trip…
My dream to becoming a teacher…(?!)

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