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Kamei Eri!!!

Found another Japanese artiste that has caught my attention…Kamei Eri!!! She’s a member of the famous pop group, Morning Musume, and she’s only 17~18 this year?! Whoa!!!

Haha…ok…over-exaggeration up there, but she’s really cute…haha, and I like cute girls…(a paedophile…?!) So, I’ve changed the video to one of hers, in one of her variety shows…and you guys see how cute she is…wahaha…

Btw, if you guys wanna watch her audition video and see how she made it through as a member of the Morning Musume, go http://www.veoh.com and search “Morning Musume 6th Generation”…(yes, she’s one of the three 6th generation members…the best out of the three…=) )


One response to “Kamei Eri!!!

  1. ottidax Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 1950

    Oh wow. I thought I was googling “kamen rider kiba” but i typed “kamei rider kiba” instead and your blog is the first result. lol.

    Btw, I’m a Kamei fan too. xD

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