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Blabbering of a Fool

The next de-generation…

A strange twist of fate, and I was able to go back to my secondary school this morning…the school has seriously changed drastically…you can say I was kinda lost in my own school…going back made me realise something too: The young people of today (those younger than me) are getting worse and worse.

Why do I say so? I agree that they are getting smarter, smarter than people from my batch, I can say, but the way they act, their discipline and all…most are quite screwed up. I went back to sch and met my Sec 4 form Teacher and asked her how’s the sch these few years, and she juz gave me a sigh, shook her head, and said “Noisy ah…rowdy group”. Nice.

Went to a new comic shop which has opened recently, and guess wat I saw? 4 photos taken by surveilance cameras showing 4~5 boys of age 13~16 shoplifting. Way to go.

The future is bleak. Starting to think that Singapore is starting to become a not-so-comfortable place to be in…when you think about the future being handed to these people, how can you not think so?


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