Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

It’s juz so hard to be a nice guy…

I think i’m far too nice for my own good…people have started to climb over my head…started to order me around…started to make me to do things their way…making me having no freedom of my own…

Guess it’s time for a personality change, ya?

A feeling of betrayal TODAY…not any other previous days, TODAY…T.O.D.A.Y. Nvm…kinda numb to it liao…juz went swimming alone this morning…maybe going Cineleisure alone later…

Oh…eh, my dear friends, words will eventually mean nothing when the same things start to happen to you time and time again…c’mon, I’m not some kid, ya? Pampering does not work on me anymore…

Prepared to see a different ‘me’…I’ll try my best to be as ‘f***ed-up’ as possible…but still a responsible and impartial person…if you guys can’t accept it, guess it doesn’t really matter to me anymore…too much false hopes…

No more Mr. Nice Guy…


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