Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

What should the title be?

Shall not touch on things in camp…sian topics and stuff from there…except my IPPT has again improved once more…10:14…reaching gold soon!!!

Had met up with the 3 musketeers and Mei Sin and Elaine…guess it’ll be the last time for me to meet Elaine before she leaves for Switzerland on Fri…cuz I wun be able to book out in time to send her off…her flight is at 1800 (that’s wat she tells me, can’t be wrong, ya?), so people, if ya’re free…meet up with her, ya? More info, dun ask me, I dunno much…can ask Elaine herself, or Mei Sin, I guess…

It’s late now…wun write much either…juz that didn’t get to watch any movies with them…maybe watch one this afternoon? Should be alone again…haha…guess I rather not watch huh? Anyway, I am able to bring phone to camp liao…can keep in touch with people then…=D

Juz watched several episodes of Hard Gay (seriously, nothing really explicit or obscene about it)…damn freaking funny…Razor Ramon Sumitani! Hard Gay!!! HOOOoooooooo!!!!!!

Go ZzZzZzZ….

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