Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Down and out….

This whole week…a terrible one…anyway, let’s start on the whole list of the unfortunate events…

Joined back training on Mon…screwed up my left hip-joint…Tues, received the news that I’m out-of-course…sad? Happy? Can’t say for sure…mixed feelings…sad that I am unable to join my “friends” (I’ll explain the “” later)…kinda glad because…let me just use one line to describe the camp, or unit, as it is…’Evil unchecked grows, evil tolerated poisons the whole system.’ That’s just it…if you need me to elaborate, just ask…

The “”…let me start off with my plans which I had for today…I intended to go Suntec/Sim Lim today…asked my “friends” whether wanna join me…as usual, I’m cursed to be alone…ok, perhaps it’s the training that they had…they need all the rest they can get…
But today, I known that 2 “friends” had went out on their own…ok…I’m not trying to blame anyone here, just wanna say to myself that I really AM tired of letting people play me out…people telling me I must have the initiative to ask people out if I want company, yet they are the VERY ones who treat me like dirt…I am just too tired, so tired that I could cry…but I try to stay optimistic all the time…guess ‘pessimistic’ should be the way I live my life, ya? Perhaps I shouldn’t have this life at all…no one cares anyway…oblivion is waiting for me…

I just can’t stand loneliness…

Guess I shouldn’t even think about relationships…I dun even know if I have “friends”…

My life is bleak…


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