Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

My day out with……myself….hmmmm….

Finally went out today…and it was Causeway Point that I went…and expected, I was alone…woot! How great is that, to be alone for the whole trip out… Anyway, went to watch Superman Returns, but before that, went to find Shi Hui (after a long period of time window-shopping around the mall)…dunno if it’s the way she’s dressed, or my eyes too tired or wat, but I believed she is slimmer now…woot! Looks like everyone’s changed during this period of time where we’ve haven’t, or never met… Realized something too, about myself…that is I find it even harder to speak to girls now (woot…?!)…dunno where the problem lies…hmmm…
By the way, saw her colleague too…looks darn young…hmmm, I wonder wat’s the average age of people going out to work now? (Bad phrasing…English standard: DROPPED!!!)

Ok, back to Superman Returns: KUDOS TO BRYAN SINGER!!! I now understand why James Marsden allowed his his role of Cyclops in X-Men III to be killed off…and followed Bryan Singer to co-star in Superman Returns…X-Men III would have been a much greater movie if only Bryan Singer was the one directing it…
The only way I can describe Singer is: The audience love him, while superheros loathe him. In his films, he can always bring out the human side of the heros, which in turn, cause them to be vulnerable in some cases…and this is apparent in Superman Returns…
Just watching the first credits (or cast, I dunno what you call that) of the film and you will feel you’ve been brought back to previous films in which the late Christopher Reeve starred in…unless you have never watched any of the films before…(where were you? Under a rock?) Watch and you’ll understand…cuz I dunno how to elaborate…the actors, they are all like, tailor-made for their roles…Brandon Routh is just so good-looking, I think every girl who watches the film would be screaming for a Superman (or Brandon Routh) of their own on the streets…haha…
Kate Bosworth…pretty lady…nice eyes she has, one hazel, one blue…woot! Plays the part of Lois Lane well too…haha…
Oh yah, before I forget, if you haven’t watched Superman Returns, and is reading this, there is no coda (a short little extension or teaser of the film, though I dunno whether it’s called ‘coda’ or not…)at the end of the credits…so it’s safe for you to leave right after the film ends…but try to stay for a short in the credits…kudos to that too…

Enough of Superman, after the film, went back to Pioneer to take my ‘A’ levels cert home…to burn…juz joking, dangerous to burn plastic (?!)…due to the time ( I went back at around 6-6:30 lidat) I went off straight after taking my cert…

Ok…stop here…maybe I catch Superman Returns again on Sat with my friends…the usual three musketeers… (?! damn rich huh…)…

Oh yah, met Zhi Hao with his bro and his friend at Sun Plaza…sian lah, he also Coporal liao…haha, anyway, he didn’t really change much, I think…so as his bro too…had quite a chat with him, since it’s like a WAY LONG LONG time since I last met him…damn, now I’m thinking of all my ex-classmates again…Jing Si, Meiying, Walter, etc….usually meet the former two once every year, but now difficult lah…then Walter, used to see him everyday, but haven’t him since the day we got our results…wonder how is he (sounds freaking gay, man)…hope I can catch up (correct phrasing?) on all of them this year…I hoopppeeee…wahaha…*fingers crossed; twisted


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