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Blabbering of a Fool

Waste of my precious break…

It’s Monday already…and I haven’t been to town!!! Sian…wat an absurdly sian break I have, huh? Anyway, will be definitely going out tmr…gotta watch Superman Returns, ya? Most likely would be on my own…can’t find anyone to watch with…(guess at this kinda situation, it’s perfectly to say “It would be great if I have a girlfriend”, ya? Think too much, man…) Hmmm…considering to go The Grand Cathay to watch it…seeing that tmr’s a school day and all the young couples will be all at school, while others will be at work, meaning available tickets for me…WAHAHA!!! But feeling a bit sian to travel all the way there…so maybe settling for Causeway Point instead…which I can visit Shi Hui at her workplace at the same time (while I’m there, not when I’m watching the movie…)

Really nothin’ much to do at home…been messing with my PS2…playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood and Fatal Frame (I really wanna cry at this game)…think my toe’s either recovering, or infected…can’t really tell…haha…but hey, I get to see my ‘sister’ more this week, ya?

Haven’t got my DS lite yet…=( Never mind, one will eventually be in my hands…wahaha…

Hope this Saturday would be a great day for me…=D

At this point in time, really envy Walter…read his blog and you’ll noe why…’zai’ness man…can I say “同人不同命”? Haha…


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