Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Finally…leave!!! But…

Woot!!! Finally, we get to enjoy leave!!! Though it’s only 3 days, it’s better than nothin’, ya? What a great time to have leave too, right when the school reopens…guess i’ll be able to get Superman Returns tickets at The Cathay on Monday…or any of the weekdays…
But then also means I wun get to meet my friends in army during my leave…sian…nvm, watch it myself, i guess…unless there are people who wanna watch it too…

But guess luck isn’t really on my side, huh? Went to the MO (again?!) for a stupid in-grown toenail…who knows he said he had to pull out the nail to remedy the situation…damn sian…so there goes my toenail (part of it, actually), and now I can’t wear shoes…luckily there are still sandals, ya?

Anyway, people, be careful when you cut your nails, ya?

Ok…stop here…dunno what to write…guess i’ll find something to occupy my weekend and break…


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