Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

A real CUT-OFF from the outside world…

Finally back from one week in camp…without handphone, all thanks to a handful of jokers in camp…so guess I was totally cut off from my friends outside camp…hmmm…quite sian in camp without handphone, that’s true…

Anyway, down with fever again this week…this time an all-time high: 39.2°C!!! Woot!!! Guess I should go for 40°C next, huh? Haha…anyway, it was a freaking terrible feeling…I never wanna fall so sick again…

Received some bad news, my course most likely will be extended, due to an accident in one of the trainings in the armed forces, causing one casualty…sad, which means HELL has been extended for all in my camp!!! But not only that, it’s also sad for the relations of the casualty too…

Nothing much to write for now…shall quote lines in FullMetal Alchemist…haha…
Find it quite deep…something to ponder about…haha…

Meanwhile, thought of something of my own…
Dun ‘cha agree?

Shall end here…


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