Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

1st experience

Had my first clubbing experience last night…though my friend said it was less rowdy than a usual clubbing night…anyway, as expected in a club, I did taste alcohol again (hey, I paid $10 for the ticket, I think I kinda deserve the drink, ya? Haha…)…it was some vodka+cola drink which my friend got for me, as I noe nothing about drinks in clubs…well, taste like…coke…? But left a dry sensation in my throat later, which sucks…guess I’ll stick to normal cola…

My 1st clubbing experience…how to say…was actually quite fun…with all the friends and people that you know around…guess I was too skeptical about clubbing before…haha… But still, I think clubbing is the same like watching a movie in cinemas: You gotta see wat kind of crowd/audience you’re with…with lousy people, everything’s lousy…and vice versa…ya? Hmmm…perhaps I should try to increase my experience points in clubbing, ya? Have to see lah…

Ok…damn shagged now…gotta sleep…will post again…

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