Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Finally, today, 16th July, is my POP day!!! I’m finally a private (still a long way to go)!!! Well, I guess it’s nothing much, since virtually almost all Singaporean men have to go through this…wahaha…but thinkit’s kinda different for us in this unit, cuz we wun be posted out to any other units, and our training in camp will be HELL (yes, I do mean H-E-L-L!!!) lot tougher than before, than any other units…so not a lot of people actually enjoyed the POP…can see lah…

Quite sad too, cuz there are people going out of course…which means they wun be with us for the next phase of training…well, as the song goes, “Some will go, and some will stay”…wish them all the best in their future endeavours, and and hope they do not get too disheartened by this setback…cuz we will not forget them…ya? =D

Anyway, we had a cohesion event for our unit…was pretty ok…most of the event was spent at a mini-disco at the recreational centre…at expected (well, kinda), free flow of beer was offered, and almost everyone went for it…well, sad to say, though I didn’t go take any, I DID take mouthfuls from my friends’ beer…guess it’s the very first time I drank that much beer…damn, I hate myself…(???)

But also luckily, I stopped myself from drinking that much till I can’t stop…good job! (pat on my back) So right now, I’m in a perfect, sober state…wahahaha…ok, gotta stop myself from drinking…PERSEVERE!!!

But still, clubbing doesn’t really appeal to me leh, so I guess I’ll be wasting my time at the club tmr (or today) night…guess I’ll be leaving early, ya?

Ok…stop here…will post again…


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