Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

One more week…

One more week to my POP…one week before stepping out of being a recruit…finally…and not forgetting, one more before heading the next level of HELL!!!

Anyway, got to book out yesterday (Friday)…really fought for it…my IPPT has again improved again…except for SBJ, which deproved, and 2.4km run, which is still unknown…receiving pay tmr…shiok, cuz there are again things which I wanna buy…haha…but this time round I will restrain myself, mentally prepared for it…

Was enlightened by a fact of life, or at least a fact of this society…otakus are discriminated by people from all walks of life…and guess wat? I regard myself as an otaku…maybe this explains why few people wanna be my friends…this is becoming more and more and more apparant week after week…with me seeing less and less and less of my friends from school and usual hangout groups…them choosing to spend time with other friends…well, can’t complain much, this is THE sad life of an otaku…having no one to talk to except to their own toys and such…

Well, it is also becoming more and more apparent than my friends are all drifting further apart from one another…my class’ MSN group was going to be deleted due to prolong inactivity, and I was the one who reactivated it…but somehow I think no one would really bothered if the group exists anymore, as I believe our class does not exist in most of our hearts anymore, except in record books in our school and year books…

Well, I guess i’ll be going to Orchard (yet again) to visit my old workplace…and I’m too sick and tired to BEG anyone to go with me…because I have come to the fact that NO ONE likes to go out with me…and that is my fate…so thanks to Xian Yi in advance for accompanying me tmr (I hope so, though I say I wouldn’t beg)…to those who still regard me as a friend…haha…thank you for doing so…though I haven’t felt much friendship in months…not even in camp…some might say I have hurt people’s feelings by saying these words, and that they do show concern for me (I choose to think like this for now)…but wat I think is that they are showing concern becuz they believe that’s how a ‘friend’ should act like towards another ‘friend’…haha…maybe I’m foolish, but until now, I have yet to see anyone having a REAL heart-to-heart talk with me, help defend me when I’m being insulted, even if it was a joke, etc….and I have seen a lot of these cases happening to other people, but NEVER to me…haha…perhaps I’m juz everyone’s shadow, ya?

Ok, enough whining for me…most people will be scolding me for asking too much liao…that’s something me being an otaku have to face too…I would just like to recommend one book which I’m reading…from my friend (or acquaintance?) in camp……nice, but controversial, book…but I think it really helps in understanding people of the opposite gender better…trust me in this…=D

Ok, guess I’ll stop here…it’s getting VERY late…hope I can enjoy myself tmr…

If only a miracle can happen to me, juz like 電車男 (Densha Otoko)…that would be great…haha…guess I better snap back to the real world…


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