Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Juz came back from watching X-Men: The Last Stand at Lot 1, together with Xian Yi, Sze Yuan and Wei Hong…guessed it’s really the LAST stand…anyway, didn’t get to watch at the place I wanted, but doesn’t really matter…

On my way home, almost got knocked down by car…ain’t my fault, was crossing the road on green light…maybe I was wearing too much black (nah, not possible)…anyway, to people reading this, always stay on the alert, the city is longer safe like before…somehow I feel being in field camp makes me feel safer than in the city…haha…anyway, ya gotta take care, everyone!!!

Thinking back to the movie, the girl who acted as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat…she looks real cute…her name’s Ellen Page, and she’s so cute, it kinda makes feel like a paedophile…luckily she’s already 18…haha…I feel so sinful now…=P

Feeling kinda tired now…guess my biological clock is set to the timings in camp…sian…anyway, still gonna try watch my ‘Densha Otoko’…and btw, I have achieved 100% completion in my Kingdom Hearts II…=D

Will post again…


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