Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Returned from 4 and half days of field camp…shagged is expected…didn’t quite enjoy the camp as expected, but valuable lessons were taught and learnt, so that makes it worthwhile…

While in the forest, saw things that you can’t see in the city…one of lasting impressions to me is the night sky over there, namely last night…it was the starriest (is there such a word?) night sky i have ever seen in the 18 years of my life…every star was shining brightly, literally like a diamond…just seeing it makes me feel that it’s worthwhile to be in field camp, with all the training and tekan sessions and all…

Haha…realised something…I’ve slimmed down…butt became smaller…(o.O)”‘ Wahaha…but got heat rashes from field camp, so there are spots almost on everywhere of my body…heck it…

Hope to watch X-Men III tmr…but can’t get anyone to go out with as usual…hmmm…see how…settle it in the morning…

Ok, off to watch my ‘Densha Otoko’…will post again…

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