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Not really though…cuz’ I haven’t completed all the mini-games in it yet…which includes Sephiroth (tried fighting him, f***ing harder than KH; song of One-Winged Angel haven’t reached the chorus part and I lost…tried twice and sian liao…)…so the ending of the game I couldn’t watch the secret ending part of the video…

So I downloaded the secret part to watch (gonna try playing Proud Mode to unlock it myself)…and it’s kinda confirmed that there’s gonna be a Kingdom Hearts III…gonna be about (spoilers) Chasers, The Lost Two, Memory of Xehanort, and stuff like The Keyblade War…well, looking forward to this third instalment…though it’s gonna be dunno-how-many years away…

Oh yah, now it’s raining cats and dogs (meows and woofs)…so didn’t get to go out today…intending to go out tmr in the day…hope I can get people to accompany me…haha…

Will post again…


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