Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


I’m back again…this week’s training…hmmm, not that bad…just that our performance was like shit…got a whole lot of shit punishments throughout the days…but we kinda ‘redeemed’ ourselves at the RSN sports meet…so we having long weekend this week…

But right now I’m at a loss about to do for this weekend…should I train for my IPPT for next Tues? Guess that would happen on Sat morning, followed by a swim…i hope…anyway, I wanna go out tmr, Fri!!! But can I get company? Hmmm…hard, everyone’s either too busy, or going out with their own friends…guess I’ll go out on my own…I have something to get, or WANT to get…haha…guess I’ll catch MI: III along the way…that’s the only decent (I hope) movie that’s available this weekend…

Anyway, BMT is kinda getting more sian day by day…been thinking a lot during my free time…pondered about the meaning of ‘friends’ again…hai, always wondering whether my friends treat me as a ‘friend’ or not…haha, stupid me…

Something new that I learnt from Kingdom Hearts II: The world consists of Light and Darkness; the world cannot do without either one…but why do we choose to live only in the Light, and choose to fear and hate the Darkness? Actually, it is not the Darkness that we are afraid of, but is actually WHAT is lurking in the Darkness that we are afraid of…so actually we dun have to be afraid of the Dark…

Isn’t that true?

By the way, I have received NUS letter of……….rejection…(dum, dum, dum…) Somehow, expected it…no use feeling depressed, have to look forward in life anyway…so no fret for now…=)

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