Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Last post…again…

Yo…back for a last post before my enlistment…

My enlistment…is just a little over 24 hours away…feeling…dunno, dun care either…dun wanna think too much lah…confirm must go in liao, trouble myself over such things, wat for?

Anyway, been rushing through my games…got a new game recently, the popular Kingdom Hearts II!!! I recommend this game to lovers of RPG…and those who love all Disney characters. This sequel introduces a lot more characters from the Disney world compared to the first game…they even have Jack Sparrow and the others from Pirates of the Carribean…and the graphics wun disappoint, even though it’s modeled after real actors…they have Chicken Little and Stitch too…but I suggest you play the first game and the interlude, Chain of Memories, before you play this game, if you wanna really get into the plot of the game…as the sequel doesn’t explain wat happened in the previous 2…at least not yet, since I’m only at…7-8 world I think, and I’m far from completing it…

Well, guess I ‘betrayed’ myself, saying that I wun touch any new games not all…but the temptation is just too great, y’know? =D Well, guess I have to look forward to weekends to play my game…tmr I will rush through the game, completing as much as possible too, of course, and then I continue it after…2 weeks?! Man, tis sucks…though I’m not sure whether I’ll be confined next weekend…hmmm…

That is for now…will try to post a most recent photo here…not that anyone wanna see…wait, then that wouldn’t make this a ‘last’ post, would it? Ah…who cares?

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