Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

6 days…

Yup…6 days of freedom left…

Today was the second time I went swimming…a bit late huh? Anyway, was still not bad…I got back my previous skills in the different strokes…the bare minimum at least…trying to make an effort to at least go swimming every alternate day (have to wait for my only pair of swimming trunks to dry, ya?)…

Before I forget, have to thank my friend Josephine (the one in my class =D) for giving a big gift…and a letter of encouragement…first time for me to receive something like this…dunno how I should react…eh, can only say ‘Thanks’ i guess…=P

Extremely bored in this period of time awaiting enlistment…dunno wat to do…been playing my old games: Chaos Legion, Evil Dead, and even Pokemon…dun wanna play the new…will make me dread NS…so yup…keep wanting to play VCD boxsets (anime) to watch…but no money…top on the list: Gundam SEED (yah, I noe I slow, but so wat? haha…no burned copies though…me trying to go ORIGINAL here)…even thought of playing a GUNPLA (Gundam) model…so that I will have something to look forward to when I book out from camp, by slowly building the model, piece by piece…=D

Oh yah, watched the news…some girl went missing again…suspected is taken away by people she got to ‘know’ from online chatrooms…can’t help but feel, why are young people in tis generation so STUBBORN??!!! (Ok, i dunno whether to consider myself young or old…but I do not consider myself to belong to the generation of people younger than me…) Dunno how many times have people warned about meeting strangers…even kids of at least 3-years-old also know that they shouldn’t talk or follow strangers…yet a 14-years-old girl can do so…sian…

Saddening, but the morality of humans are DROPPING…just look at the news about young people having underage sexual relationships…and some even like to show off these ‘amazing’ feats of theirs…zai…

Call me ‘Lao Gu Ban’ all you want…I dun care…

I feel Singapore is slowly becoming a place where moral values are slowly erased…an unbearable place…yah, education level here, VERY HIGH…so wat? Basic, common sense of people here, DROPPING VERY FAST ALSO!!! Very smart at Physics etc., always talk about Maths formulae, wat ‘Wah, Earth dying out soon ah!!! Must save the Earth ah!!! Must study all the subjects, so that can invent something to ‘zeng jiu’ Earth!!!’…but ask them ‘You know you shouldn’t engage in sexual activities before marriage?’
“Izzit? I dunno lah…ai yah, fun for me and you, and everybody else, can liao lah!’

Man…for this, I can say I’m happy to get enlisted soon…totally cut off from the outside world…no worries, except to brainstorm how to get on higher authority’s nerves…

Dunno if this is my last post before NS…just wait and see bah…

Before I forget, DEATH NOTE has been made into a movie…2 movies actually…showing in Japan soon!!! But as expected (at least to me)…wait long long for Singapore to even publicise the movie on TV, let alone show them in cinemas…wait for VCDS bah…A MEGA BOO!!!


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