Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

I am a ‘Jian Gu Tou’…

Ate something different for lunch on the past 2 days…DeliFrance and Yoshinoya (maybe common food for those who eat them often, but i dunno how to enjoy life, ya?)…about DeliFrance…the lunch serving was…minute…and it was super expensive…i wonder how people who always eat this for lunch survive… Yoshinoya…hmmm, was better than DeliFrance…at least they serve rice (me am Chinese, me like rice)…ate the Beef Bowl…was my second time eating it…actually, i was eating it because Xian Yi wanted to collect this series of figures called Yoshiboo (i think), which is a pig, and he asked me to ‘help him eat’…because he’s in camp…haha…

Finally went swimming today after such a long time…went with Tommy ol’bro…man, i’m getting stiffer day by day…but luckily i still know my swimming moves…gotta start swimming regularly now…but not just that also lah…but i hate running…haiz to the max…

Trying to get my friends out to catch a movie before they have to go back to camp…but always get ignored by them…man, i should have known, wat are old friends when there are new friends??? Used to it all the time le…nvm, guess i better start getting used to doing things alone from now…


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