Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Act of Stupidity…

Eh…to start off this entry…i apologise for my previous entry (look, i can like, delete the entry, but wat’s the use? Some people have already read it…and you can’t really take back words) It was kinda a bad day for me when i wrote it…but sometimes i DO feel like wat i wrote in it…ANYWAY, THOUSAND APOLOGIES!!!!!

Went to both NUS and NTU open-houses on Saturday…found the course that i wanna go…but the problem is whether i can get a place or not…anyway, NTU’s open-house, I feel, was better than that of NUS’s…they are really focused in giving detailed information to prospective students…well, the people at NUS are pretty lively and fun…but they always like to ‘complain’ about other local universities…like talking about the rankings and things as such…they might have the right, but it is just wrong to do so…right?

Yesterday I went down to CMPB for the third time…to hand in a piece of paper…yup, just that…finally know how to get there by bus 195 (sorry huh, i have never been good with buses…=P) After that, went down to Jurong East to the Creative warehouse…or watever you call it…on my way there, i fell into a hole (how stupid can i get?)…yup, a hole big enough for the whole of my right leg to go in…i was so lucky, didn’t break my leg, just got some abrasions on both of my legs…but the fall could even cause tears on my pants, so basically you can imagine how deep the abrasions, or gashes are…

Anyway, went to repair my ZEN Micro…but the service was very good…instead of holding on to my ZEN to repair it, they juz replace it with a new one…but since i have to wait for 3 weeks for a black one, i juz got a light-blue replacement…haha, might look gay, but i get to enjoy music on the go again…

That’s wat i call “GOOD SERVICE“…

Well, on a final note…I have to learn control my mood and feelings…since I have done so with my temper…I can definitely do it too…and from an advice from my good friend (can i really say good friend? =D), i have to ‘open up’…yup, but how? I have to learn this as well, i guess…=D


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