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To a new life….

Yup…got my results…and now it’s the hardest period of time for my brain…application to University!!! Firstly, i do not even noe whether my grades allow me to get into courses, or even any University at all…but still gonna try anyway, but think gonna be in vain…hahahai………

Anyway, yesterday i went out with the usual; Xian Yi, Jo, Mei Xin, and Elaine…we went some unknown (to me) vegan restaurant for dinner, it was our turn to treat Xian Yi…quite good food they serve, but the place…we were the only table filled with people of our age group…then after that, dunno who suggested having ice-cream, so in the end we went down to near the Esplanade to look for some mystical Ice-Cream Sensei who sells ice-cream on some bridge…but as he was mystical, he was nowhere to be found…so in the end we took some (unexplainable) pictures on the bridge…here’s one…some of us appear semi-solid in this picture…

There’s another actually, and that’s worse…so not gonna show it here…if you wanna see it, go Xian Yi’s blog…
Btw, my friends, or if you still regard me as one…dun joke so casually about dying leh…though i noe we do die someday…(come to think of it, i joke about it myself sometimes too…=P)

Here’s a picture of…WAT THE!!! A shinobi in my house?! No lah…that’s my baby ‘sister’ that my mum is babysitting…

Cute right? =D

Hmmm…seems to me that my friends who have been enlisted are slowly drifting away…is it juz me? Next to go into camp is Xian Yi, Yiming and Guo Hao…and will they become the same? Will I become the same when i get enlisted? I hope not…i really hope not…

Stop here for now…Xian Yi say i take too long to update liao…=S

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