Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Eh…my previous post was actually quite vague…wrote under drowsy state…so will re-update on the happenings of that day here…

Yup…met Walter for the first time after he was enlisted…thinner now, and more tan too…told me about the happenings in camp…quite cool and interesting…really a whole new experience and lifestyle…
Kinda looking forward to my enlistment…=P

Anyway, yesterday was my last day at work…glad that i had left the job…haha…dun have to face irritating and rude Singaporean customers anymore (note: I am Singaporean) …Xian Yi kinda think likewise as me too…saw Meiying too, so long never see her, but didn’t really talk cuz i was still at work…quite surprised to see her too…hasn’t really changed a lot (though she seems shorter to me right now =P) Haha…hope to see you again, Ying!!!

Well, that means I have 1 month of free time before my enlistment…have to really start working out, or else i might die inside the army…haha…

Ok, that’s for now…

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