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Blabbering of a Fool

Under the request…

Yup…blogging now under the request of Xian Yi ol’ bro…haha…first time i’ve been asked to update my blog…

Anyway, not much happened…Thurs was my off day…spent the whole day at home…didn’t K-Box in the end, cuz i dozed off in the afternoon…haha…me getting lazier day by day, ya?

Well, yesterday went MacDonald’s with my mum and the baby girl…tried both Fan-tastic burgers…taste bad, seriously…but i tried…and know how bad they taste…haha…yup, got the news from Zi Qi that results will be out on Wed, 1st March after 2 pm…yeah!!! DOOMSDAY!!! Ok…dun really care…about work, nothing special…usual stuff, but finally i know of a way to get back at 1 customer…WAHAHAHA!!!!!

On my trip back home…saw a group of ah-bengs (certified) and a girl among them…a girlfriend of 1 of the guys…so sad, ya? The guys were all spouting vulgarities loudly all the time…saying who’s ***** is so big or wat…and everytime when i look, the girl was smiling at the comments of the guys, but i dare say that was definitely forced out…
Why do guys always think that shooting vulgarities to one another is so cool, and try to use it to impress the girls? Well, i commit this mistake too…=P but now when i think back and reflect, it juz makes me look uncivilised, stupid…hai…stupid ol’ me…anyway, i think that guy is juz going out with the girl for the looks (i think) and to show to the other bengs that girls wanna go out with him…cuz if u really like the girl, u wouldn’t want her to be exposed such negative ‘things’…or at least on purpose…(you can’t really control wat she hears or see outside)
Note to anyone who reads this: Please let me know if i’m using too much vulgarities when i’m with you, trying to cut down here…=D

Anyway, later got work…the so-called Superstar Kelly having an autograph session at my workplace…haha, sian…not really interested in her…actually, not at all…=P

Btw…juz got an enlightenment…
Living was never about your own; you have to answer for your every action and decision you make to everyone you know, and even to some that you dun…so those who always say “This is my life, so I live it my way. You have no right to interfere.”, they are plain selfish…
Troublesome, isn’t it? But that is life…and that is what makes it worthwhile…

Will update on another time…


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