Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Bonds that break…

Good…MORNING!!! Yup…still not sleeping yet…

Juz read Xian Yi’s blog…felt sorry for him, he was kinda ‘backstabbed’ by his closest friends…read his friend’s blog…though i felt that his friend juz wanted to convey a certain message to him, he had used words that were too harsh…but that’s how i feel…overall, from Xian Yi’s entry, the whole matter got a whole lot worse during CNY on the gambling table…sad, sad…how money breaks the bond of friendship…

Well, i’ve been through this kinda shit too…i still rmb saying to my friend…”It is not wise to have close bonds with people. Only foolish people do that, cuz’ when these very people leave your life in some way or another, you are the one getting hurt most.” Well…come to think of it, i was harsh…real harsh in fact…but i do believe in the ‘getting hurt’ part…but the thing that has changed is that the pain is there, becuz’ you’re alive…ya’re human…and that’s an emotion…wat truly matters is that whether you can face up to the despair of separation, and move on with your life, forming new bonds along the way…this, i believe, is also a measure of how strong your spirit, and will, is…

Well, i’ve been lost once…and i had the help of one very kind teacher (my target in life ya?)…though it wasn’t much, cuz’ in the end you have to depend on yourself to help yourself (wat English is this?)…some kind of enlightenment or something…yup, so i can only say:

“My ‘Ai Ren'(???), the road is right in front of you…do not dwell on the past. Since your friend/s has/have already forsaken their past, and in turn forsaken you, why do you still hang on to the past? Let go…walk down the road of your life, and think of the new people you would meet later in your life, and the new friendships you would have…also, ur Ms.Right is somewhere among these people…so juz advance, do not stop.”

Zai…i didn’t know i would think such phrases to write…hmmm…maybe there’s more to me than i noe of myself…?

Ok…really have to sleep le…have to take care of myself too…wahaha…ZzZzZzZ


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