Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Lonely Valentine…

Hi ya…worked in the morning today…i mean yesterday (look at the time)…quite interesting…cuz 1 officer from Mo~E in plain clothes came down…caught the stall next to the prata stall having inappropiate actions in their stall…within a few minutes, every stall keeper was in a frenzy to keep their stalls in their best…one auntie from the other side of my stall even broke down a door, stainless steel one somemore, from the bottom cupboard…quite a funny sight…

After work, went down to Suntec City for a walk…actually wanted to ask her out…but was window-shopping alone instead…haha…didn’t noe window-shopping is actually quite ‘therapeutic’ (did i spell it right?) for the tired mind…but it would have been better if i had money…hee hee…

Getting my pay tmr…means money to go shopping…but alone again? I dunno…wahaha…anyone interested please ‘jio’ me out…=D


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