Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

CNY Eve…

Yup…blink of an eye, it’s CNY tmr!!! Haha…but i dun feel any festive mood within me…maybe it’s been the same old thing for…as long as i noe…?!

Anyway…still sick…doctor said i am showing syptoms of flu, but i suspect i’m actually having throat ulcers…anyway, i guess i wun be able to eat anything but porridge and bread…sad…

Btw, saw Lin Hui this morning…returned me my Rave manga…dunno why, but she seemed very guilty for borrowing the manga…anyway, nvm Lin Hui!!! It’s ok!!! =D Haha…also, she looks different now…how to say, more womanly? Yah, i dun care if you guys say i ‘se’ or watever things near…anyway, really ‘Nu3 Da4 Shi2 Ba1 Bian4’…haha…

Ok, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!!!


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