Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Skin editted…

As you guys can see…the skin of my blog has changed, but the design remains the same…juz wanna get your opinions, would the skin look better if i took away the 2 pictures at the top? Or is this better? Let me know…haha…

Hai…Chinese New Year coming…same old stuff every year…don’t think there’s anything special about it liao…somemore I dun have the habit of visiting my friends’ house during CNY…so it’s juz visiting my grandma’s house on the first day, then relatives coming my house on the second day…after that the third day, work…sian…how i wish there was something new about CNY…but dun think that’s quite possible…haha…

Oh yah…about RE4 (like you would be interested, juz posting for fun), I’ve completed Separate Ways…saving up the Pesetas to buy the Chicago Typewriter…thinking whether to get the Handcannon, the ultimate weapon in the game…coz ‘The Mercenaries’ game is juz too hard to master…haha…

OK…dunno wat to write liao…wait for the next entry in this blog bah…

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