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Bring down Xiaxue!!!

Read the Today newspaper yesterday…saw the article on the infamous Xiaxue…yup, went to the peition to support bringing Xiaxue down…she is a disgrace to Singapore and her citizens…she claims she is joking when she is writing those comments…come on, she’s an adult liao, yet can’t even know wat kind of things can be joked about and wat cannot…she even says that her friends in RJ, RI, or other famous institutions know that she’s joking…wat is she trying to show or do? Trying to earn respect with the help from your friends in these institutions? Wat a loser…

She says if we dun like her blog, dun read it…then why did she try to frame xialanxue? If she dun like wat xialanxue wrote in her blog, then dun read it…it’s obvious she’s trying to bring xialanxue down…

And the power of Photoshop…liked the pictures in her blog? Guess all have been Photoshop-ped…wonderful tool, can turn a troll into a princess…online that is…

Anyway, I’m on the final chapter of Resident Evil 4…haha…ok…blog some other time…

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