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Blabbering of a Fool

I’m back…after 2 long weeks…

Hiya…blogging only after 2 long weeks, cuz’ my com was spoilt…some motherboard thingy…,anyway, i’m back online…though not that anyone wants to see me online…

Oh yah, went for my Air Force medical examination…was like typical army med exam…but think they placed more emphasis on the eyes and ears…hai, was told that my hearing is not very spectacular…due to listening to loud music…hmmm, guess i have to take better care of my ears…

About work, getting more and more accustomed to it…starting to know more and more people working in the food court too…Xian Yi seems to be doing well at his stall too…though he is forced to work whole day almost every weekday, cuz’ the newbies are simply unreliable (youngsters nowadays huh…hai, like i’m very old lidat…haha)

Juz read 2 of my friends’ blogs…they have been enlisted and they talked about how is life like inside and outside of camp at Tekong…haha, Ying Ru showed a photo of him wearing uniform, with his new hairdo…doesn’t look strange at all…well as for the other friend, all he showed was his hairdo, no face no nothing…haha, he will look funny though…
Speaking about Tekong, I wun be going to Tekong for BMT actually…cuz’ the NDU BMT is at Sembawang camp, so u guys wun be seeing any posts about Tekong in my blog…haha, guess i’m stuck forever in Sembawang huh…=D

Ok, for this paragraph, i shall post one of my personal opinions…have i mentioned that i had gone out with 3 of my female friends, and 1 of my male friends who has been enlisted into army, on Christmas Eve? Anyway, we went to Cineleisure under my request, cuz’ i wanted to get one of my favourites, a Gashapon figurine!!! Well, when i got it (and it’s a Naruto figure!!!), 1 of my female friends commented that i was so childish, and started comparing me to the other guy, who is actually not so interested in such stuff, but into more…ahem, adult stuff…
Haha…ok, so i didn’t know that collecting figurines was childish…is it the action of collecting such stuff is childish, or is it the stuff u’re collecting makes it childish? If it’s the former, then i can tell u that people who collects shoes, but not wear them, are childish people too. If it’s the latter, u people do not understand the art of these figurines…they show the wonders that the human hand can do…the time and effort spent into making such artworks is uncomparable…the same goes for comics too…=D

Ok…stop here le…off to play my Resident Evil 4…now at Chapter 4…gotta tell ya, it’s one HELL of a game…my controller’s almost always swimming in my sweat…=D


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