Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Part II

Yup…i’m back…these are the updates that I have forgotten to mention in my previous post…

Haha…guess wat? I straightened my thoughts…and I apologised for my previous extreme dislike to Korea and Korean stuff…I was kinda foolishbut, that doesn’t mean I started liking Korea…I juz bear neutral thoughts towards them…ok?

Another point, I hate MapleStory to the core!!! Not because it is a Korean game, but juz that it is a very bad game…simply pointless, even worse than Pokemon…and u noe wat’s saddening? Many people, including my brother, are all infected with this incurable disease…1 of my friends even started playing this game during the start of holidays, instead of going to work…well, it’s all their own problems…I dun have the right to stick my nose into their businesses…=S

Oh yah…went back to Anderson Secondary on 1 of the days…actually, juz looked at the school from outside…looks way different now…looks more like a theme park…=P The colour combi was rather bright…haha…btw, I couldn’t see the council room from the outside anymore…think there was a major change in the school layout…man, I missed the place…=)

ok…ending here…will post again when I have the time…see ya…


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