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A VERY long post (in terms of time and length)

Hiya! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged (as usual)….and here are the updates:

Firstly, about the class outing that I had been waiting for, it wasn’t as much as a class gathering as I had expected…quite disappointing, frankly speaking…but it was okay lah…saw a lot of faces that I have missed…haha…Zi Qi got a new haircut…makes her look ‘refreshed’…the rest of the class, about the same…oh yah, Mei Xin dyed her hair, looks quite nice too, though unexpected…haha…we had dinner at Pizza Hut (it was my second time there) then six of us: Xian Yi, Sze Yuan, Mei Xin, Elaine, Jiemei and me went to watched Narnia…nice show…go watch…btw, there were only about 12-15 people there…saddening

Guess wat? I passed the Pilot Selection interview…waiting for my medical examination…Is that good news? I guess so…being a pilot, you muz serve a 10-years’ bond with the Air Force…scary though…but I dun mind…

I’m still at the same job…didn’t thought I would stay…haha…getting more and more accustomed to the job…though still uneasy with handling money…let’s see how it goes…

Was kinda insulted by my friend recently…I know he didn’t really mean it…but still felt kinda insulted…was window-shopping at Wisma (can tell ya, not my kinda place)and saw 2 of my friends, actually dating each other…I didn’t know…so I juz msged my friend to ask…and he said that he knew, should be quite some time ago liao, and said I was slow…this part I was still ok, so I jokingly apologised for being slow…that he replied because I always stayed at home, that’s why I dunno wat’s going on outside…it was this part…

Sorry, but does everyone thinks I like to stay at home all the time? True, I stayed at home sometimes for the reason of spending more time with my family…but most of the time, I really do wanna go out, ya know? Haha…but sad to say, as usual, no one wanna go out with me…and I believed most people dunno this, but I hate loneliness…so I dun really like going out alone…haha, this is the reason why everytime anyone sees me outside, there’s a frown on my face…

This brings me to another point…dating. Haha…you can say that I’m feeling jealous, envious, or desperate…but everytime I see a couple outside, I feel…empty, lonely…haha, unexpected, huh? To myself, it is…haha, dun even noe why i’m feeling this way…but i was seeing someone…not juz anyone, but someone I can share everything I have with…you know the empty feeling that you will have when you have done or found something worth being happy about and no one to share with? Haha…yup, I feel lidat too…haha, I think this is unneccessary, but I think i’m smitten with this girl, but I myself isn’t too sure about my own feelings too…so can’t confirm yet…

Oh yah, I had a different Christmas Eve this year…I was outside!!! At Orchard Road!!! It was my first time…also my first time out with 4 very inexpected frinds: Wei Hong, who was juz out of camp, Zhen Xiu, Mei Xin, and Josephine…haha, dunno why I was out with them too…but it was…okay, was quite late then…didn’t had much to do…went to visit Xian Yi, who was still working at that time, and Sze Yuan, who was selling those dastardly sprays everyone was playing on Orchard Road…was a war zone down there…haha, anyway, thanks to this 4 friends for spending time with me on this different Christmas Eve, and for going out with me (finally!!!). Hope we can do the same again…with more people though…=D

Look at the time…it’s time for me to sleep le…anything that I have forgotten to mention, look for it in my next post…

Ok, wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! Logging off…see ya!


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