Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Found work…

Yup…I found a job…if you have read Xian Yi’s blog, you should have known…’cause I’m working at the same place at him…at Wisma Atria’s new Food Republic food court…wat kinda corny name is that?

Anyway, I’m working as a cashier…at a prata store…so I get to eat all the pratas I want without having to spend a single cent…yup, and the pay’s 5 bucks per hour…Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year and New Yaer Eve, 7 bucks per hour…but izzit an easy job? I dun think so…

Being a cashier, the responsibility quite heavy, ya? Money gone, you die. Money got too much, you also die. Money forgot to bank in to office, you also must die. I rather work as a promoter man…oh yah, you still have to face difficult customers too…just met one today…she’s one f*ing j* bye, ya? Ask her wat was her order, no reply. Ask one more time, 2 pratas without egg? Wat the f*ck is ‘without egg’? We are selling plain, cheese, onion pratas too, and they’re all without egg. So I asked again, is your order 2 plain pratas? Then she f*cking screamed at me ‘yes’. Wat to do? Tahan. If not I would have thrown curry chicken right in her face.

Everyone, sometimes it helps to be a little more exact…it won’t kill you man…ok, stopping here…looking forward to the class outing…it’s been some time since I met my classmates…ciao…


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