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Blabbering of a Fool

Alone again…

Haha…went down to Orchard, Cathay Cineleisure today…alone…again…haha…kinda sian…but used to it le…I kinda always go out alone…only sometimes with my good ol’ bro Tommy…haha

Anyway, went down to get my Darth Vader (check at supermarkets for more details)…looked quite good…really liked it…then strolled around Cineleisure…found this store (been there before, so can’t really say ‘found’)…but now, it’s filled with Naruto stuff!!! GOTTA GO CHECK IT OUT!!! Anyway, after being there, felt so sian le…so much stuff that I wanna buy!!! Maybe let me list out a few…=D

Darth Vader figure (small, Episode III) – $19.90
Set of Naruto figures with cards – $60 approx. (asked the shop attendent)
Naruto Collectible Figures Series 5/6 – $40.00
Naruto Collectible Figures Series 6/7 – $40.00
Naruto Posable Action Figure – &139.90
Naruto Heroines figures – $10.00 each

That’s about it le…maybe there’s more…=D

Anyway, END OF MY POST!!!


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