Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

What the heck…

Yesterday was not a good day for me either…=( I was hoping someone would find my EZ-link card and report it to the office…but no news at all…I HATE THE STUPID RECEPTION AT THE OFFICE!!! (think u can’t even call it a reception…more like a lecture session…) So i had to use my Mum’s adult EZ-link card (duh?) to get home like how i got to sch…

And later in the evening, i had to go make a new one…cost me a freaking $19!!! And also, i have to wait till the ticket office opens today to get my card…sian…

Most stunning news (to me lah…) received this morning!!! Someone found my EZ-link card, and the person is……SK?! Sian…anyway, i was supposed to go for the drama competition today to support my CCA friends…but guess i can’t make it le, my Mum needs her EZ-link card today…also, she found yesterday evening…and only told me this morning when i asked her…why, man? Juz msg me yesterday evening saying that u found my card lah…anyway, too late liao le…


Anyway, END OF MY POST!!!


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