Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Lousiest day of the week…

Today was my lousiest day of the week…lost my EZ-link card…damn…hope i can find it tmr…then, gonna fail a Physics test with i had really studied for it…real damn it…also, lost 2 of my friends…do they really treat me as a friend? Or just someone for them to make fun of? If it’s the latter, then i really had been a fool all this while…anyway, i really dunno…

But then, there are still some good news today…my sch’s symphonic band which my good friend LinHui is part of got a Gold in the SYF! She looked so damn happy lah…haha……ok…that’s just ONE good news…but it’s better than nothing, ya?

Tmr my class gonna go to a classmate’s place coz she just had an operation that i didn’t even noe of…BUT, but if they are going, i dun intend to go anymore…



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